Veterinary Continuing education in Las Vegas

I attended of the most respectful veterinary conferences in Las Vegas.

For 87 years, the WVC (Western Veterinary Conference) Annual Conference has been among the most highly anticipated events in the veterinary community – and for good reason.

More than a conference, it has become an industry institution – a place where the best and brightest congregate for five days every year. It’s where the latest breakthroughs are announced, the most innovative techniques are shared, and lasting connections are made.

The continuing education was excellent. I have learned so many new things, edge cutting new information.

Here is a sample of the lectures I attended:
The Diabetic Cat: Theory vs Reality I ; II
Weight loss in catsChronic Renal Disease: New Directions in Therapy I ; II
Analgesia for the Feline Patient
Feline hyperthyroidism: Diagnosis and Treatment
Inappropriate Elimination: Keep These Cats from Being SurroundedFeline
Pancreatitis: Diagnostic $ Treatment Challenges in Cats with Chronic Enteropathies
Cats are not small dogs


I also had a chance to meet again Dr.Norsworthy, of the most respected feline practitioners in the world.  Few years ago I spent few days at his practice in San Antonio at his fantastic Alamo Feline Health Centre.

Dr. Norsworthy and Stephan Porostocky at Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas