Dr. Stephan Porostocky Recognized by Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

This letter, from a client, appeared in in the September-October 2014 issue of the AVMA magazine.

From time to time the ABVMA (Alberta Veterinary Medical Association) receives letters from pet owners wanting to publicly thank their veterinary team for excellent service. We haven’t printed these previously but it is always nice to share good news stories! The public can’t nominate veterinarians or AHTs for ABVMA/AAAHT awards, and in the spirit of accolades to the profession in general, we will publish these on a trial basis.

Dr. Stephan Porostocky has been my vet for a decade.

As he states in the bio on his website, he has a special connection to cats, and chose to work exclusively with them for his career. After 20 years of practice, he couldn’t quite retire so he started Cat Vet At Home, a mobile service which has been invaluable to us. Our cat Boris suddenly became ill this winter and Dr. Stephan Porostocky. (as we call him) made himself available 24-7. He checked in with us regularly and, unbeknownst to us, was doing so from the hospital where he himself was recovering from a health scare. The night he was released, he came directly to our house. With compassion and empathy, he helped us send Boris on to his next life. He treated our other cat Chester with such care during the process as to help him transition to living alone after being Boris’ roommate for his entire life.

In the decade I have known him, Dr. Stephan Porostocky has gone above and beyond every single time I have seen him.

Some of my favourite memories include Dr. Stephan Porostocky spending extra time with us to answer our curious questions about cat biology, sharing his incredible photos (he is quite the photographer!) of the big cats on safaris, and hosting open houses at his clinic, complete with toy cats on the operating table so that families can get a sense for what happens behind-the-scenes. Dr. Porostocky has done complimentary work for an elderly neighbour of mine who couldn’t afford vet care; and he even met me on Christmas Eve to care for my cat that had fallen ill overnight.

I know that you probably don’t go into veterinarian practice unless you love animals, but I think Dr. Stephan Porostocky also loves his human clients— and that makes all the difference! He feels like a member of our family , and he certainly deserves the recognition.

With thanks, Kate Schutz

Thank you Kate!  I am just doing what I am supposed to do and still love it.

– Dr. Stephan Porostocky