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Cat Vet at Home | Our Story

CatVetAtHome provides non-emergency veterinary care and services in the comfort of your home.

We offer personalized guidance at every stage of your cat’s life, from kittens to seniors. We aim to provide you with peace of mind and convenience, and to ensure your cat’s happiness and health.

A note from Dr. Stephan

When I was working in a mixed small-animal practice, my colleagues would always send more cats my way because they thought that I could treat any cat with any attitude (in fact, many so-called “untouchable” cats were referred to me from other veterinary practices). It’s then that I realized that we have a natural bond, and decided to focus on cats exclusively.

Twenty years later, that bond hasn’t changed, but my goals have. With Cat Vet At Home, I want to slow down the pace of my practice and spend more quality time with each client. Unlike a typical in-clinic appointment, a house-call practice allows appointments to move at their own pace and ensures more personalized service. There is plenty of time to focus on your kitty and get all your questions answered…all in a comfortable and familiar home environment. I just think it’s a nicer way to practice medicine.

I hope to see you soon.

Dr. Stephan Porostocky

Why only cats?

Cats aren’t dogs. That might seem obvious, but too many times they’ve been lumped in with dogs when it comes to veterinary treatment and pharmacology, even though they often times have different needs. With the growing popularity of cats in the home however, new and refined diagnostic techniques, treatments, and feline-specific medication and nutrition have also been developed.

With our experience and dedication to only one species, we are in a better position to understand and treat your cat based on its unique needs. Because when it comes to your cats health, specializing is a good thing.

Why schedule a housecall?

As you’re probably aware, cats aren’t big fans of change. They don’t like travel, and hate being removed from their home environment. A cold medical office full of strangers can make even the friendliest cat anxious. And it’s not exactly fun for you, either.

A house call allows for care in the comfort of your and your cat’s environment. A relaxed pet is more open to being examined, resulting in a reduced-stress visit for everyone.

What can, and can’t, we do in your home?

From annual physical exams, to vaccinations, to regular health consultations, Cat Vet At Home offers a wide range of non-emergency care (click here for a full list of services). We provide unhurried guidance that’s customized for each client and each pet.

If the need for emergency care arises, Cat Vet At Home works cooperatively with Name Of Hospital, a full-service cat hospital in Calgary, and partners with several area specialists, including internists, cardiologists, oncologists, surgeons, dentists, and ophthalmologists, in order to ensure that all of your cat’s needs are met.