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New Veterinary Service in Calgary: Cat Vet At Home

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Introducing a new Veterinary Service in Calgary: Cat Vet At Home

Did you know that many cats do not get their regular exam. This is not surprise to me. What is quite surprising is the fact that up to 60 % of the cat population will not be taken to a vet clinic for a yearly check ups.There are many reasons for this. The most common cause is that cats do not like to travel.

Cats are creatures of habit, they  dislike changes and the travel is a big stress for a cat.

It is just about the time to look after those kitties which do not like to travel to veterinary clinics. That is why we started Cat Vet At Home. 

Cat Vet At Home is a mobile house call veterinary practice, which provides non-emergency veterinary services in the comfort of your home. We offer personalized guidance at every state of your cat’s life, from kittens to seniors. We aim to provide you with piece of mind and convenience, and to ensure your cat’s happiness and long term health. Read more…

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