How to choose a scratching post for cats

Are you complaining that your cat is  scratching your new couch or your favorite rug? Here is handout how to choose the right scratching post or read further.

Pick the right post.

Think about the places your cat scratches now. What’s her preferred material? Scout out posts and coverings that mimic her favorite scratching surfaces, from sisal to cardboard to carpet-covered posts or even wood or leather.

Structure matters.

Does your kitty crave vertical scratching surfaces or horizontal ones? Some cats will enjoy a mix of both.

How high?

Does your cat stretch high and far above his head? He might like higher posts. Just be sure it’s sturdy so it won’t wibble, wobble or fall while you’re cat’s soothing his scratching urge.

Location matters.

Just like real estate, where you place your scratching board counts. Your kitty craves your attention, so it’s best to post her post in highly trafficked areas, where the family spends time together. This way her kitty “furniture” is on the scene, close to you—the one she loves best!