We look forward to meeting you and your pet.

For appointments and general inquiries,
please call Dr. Stephan at 403-607-8321 or fax: 587-332-6818.
Or if you wish, send us an email.

What to do before your cat’s appointment

Once you’ve booked an appointment, we ask that you read the following pre-visit checklist. It will ensure that our visit to your residence is as smooth as possible.


1. Fill out appropriate forms.

Nobody likes paperwork, but filling out these forms before your appointment will help us learn about you and your pet, speed up the registration process, and prevent any unecessary delays. These forms will also help us to identify any potential medical concerns beforehand.


2. Locate any medical records.

Locate records with vaccination dates or laboratory results for your cat, or have the records faxed or emailed from the previous veterinary clinic ahead of time. Faxes can be sent to 587-332-6818 or email us at info@catvetathome.com.


3. Secure your cat.

Choose a place or room in your home where you’d like to have your cat examined. Place your cat in the enclosed area you have chosen at least 1 hour prior to our scheduled visit. In addition to giving your kitty time to adjust to the surroundings, this prevents them from using the litter-box or eating just before we start our visit, which can be important if diagnostic samples (urine) need to be taken. Consider enclosed spaces that are easily cleaned and offer few places for your pet to hide – a kitty we can’t find is a kitty we can’t examine! Bathrooms are often suitable for this purpose, but any room with limited hiding spaces where your cat is comfortable will do.


4. Gather evidence.

If the reason for a visit is to assess behavioral conditions, please try to catch the inappropriate behaviors on video before the house call appointment. By viewing these videos, the doctor is often able to make a diagnosis and determine the appropriate behavioral treatment plan. Understanding a cat’s home environment is crucial to solving many behavior problems.

5. Consider how you’d like to provide payment.

We accept cash, personal cheques and email money transfers. We will accept Visa and MasterCard in the near future. Full payment for all items and services is required at the time services are rendered. Post-dated checks are not accepted, and returned checks will be charged a $30 service fee with 1.5% monthly interest. For email money transfers, send funds to info@catvetahome.com.


6. If plans change, please call us.

If you are unable to keep your appointment on time, please call us ahead and notify us as soon as you can. We understand that emergencies are part of everyday life. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours are subject to 100% charge of the house call fee.


If you have any questions or concerns about your appointment or our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.