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Cat Vet at Home | Cat Vet At Home is a mobile veterinary service exclusively specialised for cats.

Cat Vet At Home – Highly personalized care, in your home, and around your schedule. We’re your personal mobile cat doctor.

Cat Vet At Home is a feline-exclusive veterinary practice dedicated to offering quality care and service to clients in their own homes. By working around your schedule and needs, we provide unhurried guidance for both you and your kitty.

Why Cat Vet At Home might be right for you

We treat cats,
and only cats.


But make sure we take care of their owners too.


We come
to you


No more nervous car rides and revengeful kitties.


Personal and exclusive
veterinary care.


Dr. Stephan has served Calgary for 20+ years.


We specialize in treating and caring for cats.

Cats are the most popular pet in North America, yet they are often relegated to the back of the line when it comes to veterinary care. We understand that cats are unique, and deserve special attention and expertise. Our feline specialized practice uses state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to find the specific treatments that will keep your cat healthy and happy.

All in the privacy of your their own home

No traveling. No cages. No waiting.

Compared to a traditional trip to the vet’s office, a house call ensures a calmer experience for both you and your pet, as it allows us to provide personal care in a familiar environment. There are no rushed appointments, and our visits work around your schedule and rhythm.

Dr. Stephan has over 20 years of feline-exclusive veterinary experience.

Prior to founding Cat Vet At Home, Dr. Stephan was the owner and primary veterinarian at Calgary’s Killarney Cat Hospital for over 15 years. Shifting his focus to home care has allowed Dr. Stephan to better serve a smaller group of clients, and provide more personalized care. House calls enable Cat Vet At Home to offer the same high level of expertise, but tailor appointments to you and your cat.